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Janaj Production services include:

"Video is one of the supreme

storytelling formats."

~Videomaker Magazine 

Poi Cat Studio Films  

a Janaj Production Post Production Group

Photo by Bonnie Hailer


•    Short Cinema-Style Documentaries

on Kauai and Hawaii Islands that include Nature, Ecology, Geology, Weddings, Family Histories, and Community Service films. We provide Client Services and Coordination, Research, Production, Direction, Scripting, Filming, Editing, and Publishing to DVD or online.


•    Kauai Geology Videography 

productions explore and explain the dynamic earth and marine sciences, natural and environmental conditions and changes on Kauai and Hawaii Islands.


•    Commercial Ads and Promos 

from 30 to 90 seconds for website or social media presentations on Google and Yelp.


•    Family History or Legacy Storytelling

to preserve your treasured family history through live interviews, voice-over narration, on-site filming, fresh and archival still photography, photo restoration, and family stories.  A unique record of your family history told in image and sound. Every moment, nuance, expression, and your Grandmother's laughter can be captured for your family's uniquely memorable story.

•    Community Service and PSA

videos from 30 to 90 seconds for web site or social media publication.


•    Local Speech and Power Point

presentations for online viewing, to embed on your website from a YouTube or high quality Vimeo link. DVDs can be shown on Kauai’s Ho’ike Community Pubic Access Television.













Contact us for an estimate

on all of the above services.


Every project is unique.

We will create the best video that tells

YOUR unique, memorable story. 



                     Cell:       1-808-651-7224           

                     Hawaiian Standard Time


                     Email:    Info @



Jana J Rothenberg - Blay


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