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Documentary films about Kauai people and passions









A story of Cattle and Bison Ranching on Kauai - The Wellington family on Kauai graciously permitted our film crew to follow them on a cattle round-up, as well as a bison round-up.


We learned a little about the Hawaiian Paniolo cowboy's history, the family's generational involvement with the cattle, and now, the Bison of Hanalei.

WOMEN & HORSES: A Natural Love Affair

Winner of 2015 Women In Communications: Best in Category - Regional - Television Award.


Shown at the Kauai Film Festival at the Waimea Theater.

My First Ninety (Years) - Elaine Valois - Docu-Autobiography

Still dancing at 92 years old, Kauai dancer, leader, gardener, teacher, activist Elaine Valois looked back over her First Ninety and this is what she had to say about a full and passionate career in dance and movement.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Jana Rothenberg Blay

and others on the island of Kauai HI.